A month of discovery

Well June has been a month of discovery here at Flock of Pigs.

Firstly we found out that our best client, whom we’ve worked with for 5 years has decided to “restructure”… in other words go into Administration leaving us high and dry for payments owed.

Then we worked really hard to put a review based website together for another great client http://www.theanimaladvisor.com only to find out when we launched the site that the product reviews widget is unstable and needs replacing.
We’re still proud of the overall brand image designed, but it’s been a wake up call because we usually get it right first time for our clients.

Other clients have gone “missing” in June too… and all this whilst our MD has suffered a health scare for which he is having tests.

Let’s hope July and August bring better news and a bit more stability.

*On a lighter note we were shortlisted for another design award… we’ll let you know if we win it!

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