Apple Watch Launches

What about those who are allergic?

As Apple launches it’s long-awaited Watch (and how beautiful it is too) there have to be a few questions raised… As there always is with the launch of a new product.

One of these questions is what about those who are allergic?

By this I don’t mean allergic to watches (although that condition may well exist) no, I mean those who are allergic or have skin sensitivity to certain elements that are used in the production of the watch ie Nickel.

Nickel is used in the production of a lot of watches and other jewellery because it is a cheap commodity and helps to keep production costs down (even if those Davis aren’t always passed on to the consumer in the pricing). But across the globe there are hundreds of thousands of people (like myself) with allergies / sensitivities to nickel, which forces us to buy plastic or in my case watches made of ¬†titanium.

Nickel is usually found in the backing to the watch and on the watch clasp at the very least, but if the watch has a full metal strap then that will most likely be made with nickel too.

If Apple can address and solve this potential issue it could make an absolute killing in the market and gain even more loyal customers (some of which may well be loyal to Android technologies at present).

Apple are renowned for innovation, but if they can solve this age-old issue then it would surely rank among there best achievements yet.

it remains to be seen how successful the Apple Watch will be, but for now let’s all appreciate the beauty of its looks and the fantastic levels of innovation in technology that have been invested in it.

As an Apple lover, I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

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