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D’Suza Recruitment Brochure

A well designed and printed brochure can be worth its weight in gold in the construction industry. The more professional a business can look when it is presenting itself to main contractors the better.

A recruitment company has to stand out amidst a very crowded marketplace, so the D’Suza Recruitment brochure had to be great, it had to be concise, and it had to instill trust… also, the deadline for the design and print was only 4 weeks, so we had to get it right first time!



CMS Website/s x 2 redesigns in 5 years

Website Training

Bespoke Stationery Design and Print

2 x Presentation Folders Design and print

8PP A4 Brochure for D’Suza Recruitment Design and Print

12PP A4 Company Handbook Design and Print


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