Don’t delay, go Responsive today!

Don’t delay, go Responsive today!



Do you have an old and unresponsive website?

Do you think “we’ve had it years and it hasn’t done us any harm so it can stay as it is”…?

Have you been delaying investing in a responsive web design, maybe because you think it’s not a worthwhile change or maybe because you think it’ll be expensive?

If you can answer YES to any of the above questions you need to contact us at because we can help!

NOW is the time to ensure your website is mobile friendly because Google have announced a change to their algorithm to enhance the results of sites which are responsive, this change comes into play on 21st April, 2015… so you don’t have much time to delay.

What are the effects of the change?
The new responsive algorithm will boost the rankings at an individual page level as each page will be assessed for mobile friendliness. The algorithm is implemented real-time, so as Google sees a mobile-friendly site it will receive the benefits immediately.
Google have labelled this as an enhancement to pages which are responsive rather than a punishment for pages which aren’t. Whatever way you look at it – a penalty or not it’s best to buy a responsive website from as soon as possible.

We can offer you flexible payments to spread the cost and we will show you how you can work with and update your new website once it is live.

Sounds good doesn’t it… get in touch we look forward to working with you.

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