Everton’s new badge design (2)

The plot thickens at Everton F.C. regarding their club crest.

(See our post from earlier this year)

In May of this year the club announced a new badge that was designed by their in-house design team, but after a lot of complaints by the fans they have dropped the design and have said that they will be redesigning the club crest with the help of the fans.

In my view this shows a lack of commitment to their own decisions and also smacks of the same type of process that we see online where design briefs are posted on websites such as LinkedIn and Design Crowd in the hope that desperate designers will submit their designs for free!

If the brief had been thought about properly in the first place, and the market research had been done with the fans of the club then they wouldn’t have found themselves in this position.

But having made their decision they should have stuck by it and remembered the saying of Bill Cosby “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”



You can read more about the story by clicking the link to Design Week below.


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