Building Your Brand with Facebook in 2015

If you have been using Facebook to promote products, events, sales, specials… as well as your corporate identity and your viewpoints then you’ve probably experienced some organic success, some limited amount of reach, perhaps even some post banter, and some increase in traffic to your website. That’s why Facebook news that Promotional Posts (as opposed […]

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Marathon Blog3

I’m a little late with this entry due to FoPM being so busy right now. last week was a great week of training. A circuit class on Monday followed by 4 runs of varying lengths… 5.6m, 3m, 6.2m and finally a 13.5m run on Sunday. The long run was a lot easier than the previous […]

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Marathon Blog2

I am writing this at the end of quite an intense 8-days of training. Day 1: 4.5miles Day2: 8miles Day 3: 5.5miles Day 4: Rest Day 5: Rest Day 6: 6miles Day 7: 3miles Day 8: 13.4miles Total: 40.4miles And now I’m beat! But this morning’s long run has given me a good idea as […]

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