How to be a great graphic designer: Part 1

How to be a great graphic designer: Part 1

Push the boundaries of your creative ideas. Explore lateral thought in your ideas and visuals. Not every client will go for an overtly creative idea for their brief but it is better to be MORE creative and then reigned back in. If you present an idea that is hum-drum and expected, or the norm, then you will not only disappoint your client but also be in danger of doing their business more harm than good.

Adopt a CPD programme: Continual Professional Development is important in all industries but in the fast moving creative industry it is vital. As a designer or marketer, if you fall behind what’s happening in your industry you will find it very difficult to get back up to speed.

Network with other designers, pick their brains, collaborate on projects.

Network with other businesses, ie: join a referral marketing group, there are lots of them to choose from so you’ll need to visit each a couple of times to find the right one for you, it’ll help you to hone your your presentation skills and educating your fellow members about design will help you develop your knowledge base. After all, they say knowledge is power!

Do NOT copy or plagiarise. Researching the competition to see what they’re doing is one thing, but blatantly copying it is an absolute no no!

Research the ‘big boys’. Great creative and marketing agencies such as Pentagram, Fitch, The Chase et al aren’t where they are for nothing. They well respected because they are great at what they do!
Research them. Call them up for a chat, or even ask if you can pop in for a chat and a tour. Ask them to send you their brochure.

Keep it simple. Simplicity is the best form of design.

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