Marathon Blog 1

This week saw the first week of my training towards the Greater Manchester Marathon for Sunday April 19th 2015.

It will be my third marathon, I ran Manchester this year, but I have never hit my goal of breaking 4 hours because of injuries both in training and on race day.

This year I am more determined than ever to reach my goal as the older I get the harder it is becoming to run fast times.

Not such a good start

The week didn’t start too well as my weekly Monday circuit training class was cancelled. Then for the rest of the week work commitments have gotten in the way, so today was my first run of the training schedule.

10.05 miles later in a time of 1:33:01 and I am satisfied. It was nice to get a double figure run done before Christmas.

Keep an eye out for my further blog posts to see how I get on.

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