Marathon Blog 6

Sunday 8th Feb was the furthest I’ve run since last year’s marathon… 20.65miles in 3hours 18 minutes.

It was very cold because of the low mist and didn’t get warm all day.

The running was better than the previous week, keeping a 9:05mm pace for the first 15 miles, then the last 5 miles got really tough all of a sudden.

Still, it’s good miles in the legs and lungs and it’s only a mere 16miler this coming Sunday, lol!

My only concern is the soreness under my right knee after the long runs which is stopping me from exercising for thre days afterwards. I know rest is important, but I do need to keep the miles in the high 30s for each week if I can.

Race is closing in fast! April 19th here we come.

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