Marathon Blog 7

With every week the racing season draws closer.

My first race of the year is on March 1st at the Port Sunlight 10km.

Training for the Manchester Marathon on April 19th is going well. On Sunday 15th we ran 15.55m as a large group of 39 or more!

I managed to keep an average pace of 9:05mm for the whole run which is inside my race day target of 9:06mm and inside 9:09mm which is the slowest I can allow to still have a chance of breaking 4 hours for the race.

I managed an hour long circuit training class last night and have just finished a quick 5.2miles at 8:20mm pace.

Some of my peers are struggling with injuries, but thankfully due to past experience I know that even a slight tenderness in a muscle requires rest. And now, after 3 weeks of only 2 runs per week and the remaining days taken as rest, I now feel strong and ready to step up the pace.

See my next blog post for my race diary leading up to the Manchester Marathon and beyond.

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