Shielding your Credit Cards – Brand Development

The development of Contactless Credit Card technology was inevitable. In our world where everything has to be quicker, more efficient and streamlined to save time and expense the ability to simply tap your card against a payment terminal for payment saves at least 20 valuable seconds… notice the sarcasm?

We must also mention the technology that we all now carry in our passports. These tiny microchips carry all our personal details on them without any protection installed to prevent them being taken and used for nefarious activities.

But like all new developments in technology there is a fundamental flaw and that is that these new cards make it easier for identity thieves to steal your identity and your money.

Is there a solution?
What most people do not realise is that there is a very simple and affordable solution to these problems and we at Flock of Pigs were lucky enough to work with the technology firm at the forefront of these solutions to help them develop their brand image, information brochures, product specification leaflets, website, concept advertising and the product packaging.



VoyagerBlue™ Information Brochures


VoyagerBlue™ Box Packs

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VoyagerBlue™ Concept Advertising and Specification Sheets

VoyagerBlue™ Home Page


These products are called VoyagerBlue™ which have been developed by the clever guys at ORB Information Technology Ltd in collaboration with the University of Bolton and the University of Lancaster.

For as little as £4.99 you can purchase a credit card sized shield to slip into your wallet that will protect your contactless credit cards. For that price it has to be worth it. Click this link to buy yours and stay protected.


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