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Design Mentoring and Funding.

Access to help and funding to help grow your business can be a difficult process, but fear not, help is at hand in the form of Business is Great Britain, for which we are registered Mentors and Trainers for both GrowthAccelerator and for Design Mentoring.

What is design mentoring?

Overview of Design Mentoring Offer
1. Design Coaching
– accessed through BGS
– utilises GTI Coaches with relevant expertise
2. Design Intensive
– accessed and referral through BGS/GTI
– delivered by Design Council Design Associates
3. Design Workshops & Masterclasses*
* Must be signed up on Growth Accelerator or Design to access

Design Coaching
• Design Coaching for SMEs
– accessed through Pera only
– utilises GTI Coaches with relevant ‘design’ expertise
• SMEs attend Design Workshops & Masterclasses
• £3000 average project cost to SME (50% grant funded)
• Smallest grant value £800 to £3000 maximum
• Know SMEs do not have a strong skills set in this area
• Design Mentoring support the transfer of skills and knowledge e.g. project management, outsourcing, project brief/specification

What is Design Coaching?
• Experienced Coach facilitating transfer of knowledge/skills to support SMEs with;
– Branding design
– Product design
– Process design
– Service design
NOT implementation

A survey in 2013 proved that for every £1.00 invested in design by businesses a yield of £20.00 was gained. Design-led businesses tend to thrive and grow faster than those that are not design-led.

Funding and grants via GrowthAccelerator

Phil Ainley, Founder of FoPM Ltd, is a Growth Coach and Trainer with Pera Consulting for Innovation and with Winning Pitch for Business Development, both are partners in the GrowthAccelerator Scheme.

This scheme is a government backed initiative which helps businesses achieve their full potential. Generating growth through innovation, and providing leadership and management training, you’ll benefit from the support of approved experts and have access to valuable matched-funding.

See www.growthaccelerator.com for further details and contact Phil to explore how he can work with you to help your business grow.


We have already worked with a company who have almost quadruple their turnover on the back of completing their GrowthAccelerator project with us.


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