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Creative graphic design should be inspiring, it should provide you with difference in your marketplace, it should be uplifting and it should be thought provoking.

At FoPM Ltd we pride ourselves on creating great graphic design that does all this – and we’ve even been lucky enough to win a few design awards along the way.

Graphic Design Didsbury

We believe in the power of professional creative graphic design – the visual narrative that defines you, that sets you apart and clearly communicates your values… Inspired business led design that:
•    Makes you stand out    •    Makes you memorable    •    Makes you money

We’ve a world of inspired creative thinking ready and waiting to deliver you hard and fast competitive advantage. Whatever the scale. Whatever the scope. We’ll take care of it.

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Logo Designs, Corporate Identity and Branding

The visual narrative that defines you, that sets you apart and clearly communicates your values… and your value. Sorry… but good’s not good enough, to stand out you have to look and be remarkable We deliver eye-catching and memorable logos and identities that help businesses stand head and shoulders above their competitors
What you’ll get:

• Multiple ‘bespoke’ and original concepts – no templates, clip art or rip-offs…

• Ownership – once the artwork is paid for it is yours

• Scalable Formats

• Ongoing Support..

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Brochures, Newsletters, Annual Report, Flyers and more

A brochure in the hand is worth two internet. For lasting impressions, for in depth information and for pure and simple ‘stickability’ you’ll be hard pushed to beat an inspired brochure.
We’ll advise on how to complement your online presence with printed collateral to truly maximize your return on investment.

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Websites, E-Newsletters, Social Media

Does your website work as well on mobiles and tablets as it does on a traditional computer?

Can your customers check out your services and purchase on the move?

Do you drive people to your site through targeted and engaging e-newsletters?

Do you make the most of social media?

We’ll show you how to do all this and more.

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Exhibition stands, packaging and vehicle livery

To maximise the effectiveness of your marketing collateral you need to explore all the options available to you.

For certain industries it can be massively profitable to be seen at relevant exhibitions and shows and for product based industries really well designed packaging helps them to stand out in a crowded marketplace and increase their sales.

For delivery companies branded vehicles are a must, but this can also be said for small businesses as a well branded vehicle acts as their ongoing marketing tool which can be seen by the general public.

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Marketing and Strategic Planning

“Fail to plan… Plan to fail.” It’s a cliché for a reason.

Without a strategy behind your marketing materials you’ll simply be wasting your money.

Know your target audience, speak to them in their language, be consistent in your messaging, and top it all off with great design. We’ll show you how.

But let’s not forget ‘Brand Culture’. This is often overlooked but can be more important than any other part of your marketing strategy because “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

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Funding and Grants

Phil Ainley, Founder of FoPM Ltd, is a Growth Coach and Trainer with Pera Consulting for Innovation and with Winning Pitch for Business Development, both are partners in the Growth Accelerator Scheme.

This scheme is a government backed initiative which helps businesses achieve their full potential. Generating growth through innovation, and providing leadership and management training, you’ll benefit from the support of approved experts and have access to valuable matched-funding.

See www.growthaccelerator.com for further details OR contact us to explore how we can work with you to help your business grow.




For websites, strategic creative marketing and graphic design in Didsbury that helps you win hearts, minds… and more business look no further than FoPM Ltd.
We know it can be daunting to take that step and appoint an agency so we’re always happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat – with no hard sell guaranteed.

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